Mitchell Rivera has drawn comics since he was 6 years old.




I have been drawing comics since I was a little boy. My older brother Anthony gave me a comic book collection when I was a child that included Superman, Spiderman, Green Latern, Dr. Solar The Atom Man, Judge Dredd, and Morbius. Unknowingly

my first artist favs were John Byrne, and Sal Buscema. However as I got older I really got into Todd McFaralne's artwork. He was sort of like a hero to me as a child. I even went to a comic book convention to meet him, and he was very friendly to me and signed my copy of Spider-Man number 1. At one point I had a hurg comic book collection that included The Amazing Spiderman #2, The Incredible Hulk #3, and early X-Men, and Fantastic Four issues. I also had a platinum copy of Spiderman number one which Todd McFarlane autographed for me himself at the Nasseu Collesium. In addition to John Byrne, and Todd McFarlane I was also heavily inspired by Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Dale Keown, Ron Lim, Bart Sears, Art Adams, and the Buscemas.