Hi my name is Mitchell Carlos Rivera and I am originally from Long Island, NY from a small township called Tangle Wood Hills which is located on the borders of Port Jefferson, and Coram, NY. I am of European Puerto Rican descent, and my father was the first Puerto Rican Citibank VP by the early 80's. As a child I attended a catholic school called Infant Jesus in Port Jefferson, NY and began to draw comic books around the first grade because my older brother had a collection. As a youth I was considered the best artist in my class, along with my friend Nick Liberis, and was selected to draw the art for the yearbook. My friend is now a well known architect in New York City.

I have two sisters, one is a nurse, and own owns part of a US Defense welding company. I also have two brothers and one is also a nurse. As a child I was heavily inspired by the artwork of Todd Mcfarlane, and Jim Lee.. I also found inpsiration in John Byrne, The Buscemas, Bart Sears, Dale Keown, Art Adams, Marc Silvestri, and Ron Lim. I dreamed of one day becoming a comic book artist for Marvel, and developing my own brand. I went to High School at Saint Anthony's in Huntington Station, NY, and moved out of Port Jefferson when I was around 17. During this time I also got into music because people who lived around me in Brentwood, NY were artists and made music with SONY. I still continued to draw but when I graduated HS I opted to pursue business management at Stony Brook like my father who was a Sr. Director with Citigroup. While I was an undergraduate in business the field of graphic design, particularly web design became a huge thing,, and so I simultaneously taught myself design through books while making the Dean's List at Stony Brook in Business Management. I also won the Phoenix Award there which was given to me by the present head of CUNY's Student Affairs at Queensborough. I had a lot to do at the time because I also had a daughter and had one of the highest child support rate's in the US. And so I attended school full-time while trying tp work full-time.

My mother passed away the year that I graduated college in 2005, and I worked for a few years in corporate jobs in NYC, one within the IT field for a small salary.Then in 2007 I began the process of having 4 corrective surgeries, and could not work. In 2001 I had an unnecessary surgery of my right nasal bones after I was hit. The X-Ray did not reveal a fracture but the doctor operated anyway. and I was subsequently left with the inability to sneeze in multiples when I had allergic symptoms. So in 2008 while I was having surgeries I was able to sell one web design for $10,000 that was coded with XHTML, CSS, and Javascript but I eventually needed social security. I however continued to draw, and design here, and there throughout the process, and completed multiple certs, and training programs in graphic design, coding, and audio engineering.

I have  coded with HTML, CSS, Javascript, built lightboxes, forms. I have also trained in CSS Grid, Flexbox, and Bootstrap more recently. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Dreamweaver, Clip Studio Paint, Fresco, Dimension, and more. I have completed college coursework in design, and studio art to complement by business degree while maintaining a 3.925 GPA in addition to design, and coding training. I also hold a cert in audio technology, and music production so I can produce advertising banners, etc. with original scores.In addition to music I enjoy sketching original comic book characters, and can create mascots, and cartoon logos very easily. All I ever did as a youth was draw

Aztera Maikoa is the name of my brand which I created and an umbrella name for the totality of design, and art related projects that I have done. My logo also showcases my talent for corporate branding. Please see my resume, and contact me with any questions.




I'm currently working on developing innovative new comic book characters to potentially sell to Marvel Comics, Image, or DC.



3.925 GPA


I maintained a 3.925 GPA in Studio Art and Design at CUNY Queens College. I had already completed many design certificate training programs prior to enrolling.


6480 Kissena Blvd, Flushing, NY 13367

Tel: 212-470-9588

Email: mitchell.carlos.riverandroid@gmail.com


Audio Engineer


I hold a Advanced Certificate in Audio Technology with CUNY.

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